Following court rulings (STJS Castilla y León and STSJ Galicia), where they fail, that the benefit of the self-employed bonus, to whom a company is managed is not prevented and fulfils the requirement to join the Special Social Security Scheme for the first time, that is, it may be applied to all self-employed corporate persons, who meet the requitements for applying this benefit.

These judgments allow the recovery of the company’s self-employed quota, paid by the imposition of the restrictive criterion of TGSS. The statute of limitations for requesting the refund of fees is four years, and the amounts to be claimed will range between 3.500€ and 4200€ depending on the age of the self-employed company person.

If you want to start processing to make such a claim quickly and effectively, please contact us and we will inform you of the steps to follow.

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