Constitution of society

Being PUNTO PAE (Business Point, authorized by the Ministry of Industry) We constituted limited companies in an agile and economical way, you only have to pay the notary and Mercantil Registry fees, which are estimated at 145€ VAT included (supplied calculated by a capital of 3.000€), and our fees, which we can let you know if you contact us. It is important to point out that no only will we constitute the company, but in addition to offering you all the necessary advice for the proper functioning of your activity, we will also launch the company, that is, we will register it in all the official departments necessary for its proper functioning.

In our office you will find all the information and advice to constitute your future society in an optimal way, both in legal level and in terms of the subsequent operability of the same. Thanks to being Punto PAE, we reduce costs to the minimum possible, that is, for a share capital of 3.000€, the notary fees, Mercantile Registry and FNMT will be 145€ VAT included.

Subsequently, as required by the AEAT, we must obtain for your company the Digital Certificate necessary for communications with the Tax Agency.

*Does not include works formalities for employees.

What do i have to do to form a comany?

The first step is to request an appointment with us, we will advise you free of charge on the whole process. The next step is to choose from 3 to 5 names to apply to the Registry for a negative certificate as the name is not used by any other company.


How long will it take to operate with the new company?

The usual deadline is one week, although if necessary, we can shorten this time to 24 hours after obtaining the negative certificate of the name that usually takes 48 hours.

What fees will i pay for the management of the company?

For the management of the company what we propose is a monthly fee, where we include all the necessary management and advice for the proper functioning of the company itself (number of employees, accounting volume, etc.). We will inform you on the first visit.


Is it necessary for the constitution to contribute 3.000€?

No, it can be provided as fixed capital of which you already have (e.g. computer equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc.).