Self employer register

To undertake an activity on your own, you will need to register with the Treasury a Social Security, as a self-employer person.

In addition to registering you in an agile and economical way, we will advise you to do it in the best way. Contact us and we will arrange a meeting to get to know us and clarify all your questions.

How much is paid monthly for self-employment?

It depends on your age and whether it’s the first time you’ve been self-employed or more than 2 years since you last were.
In the latter case, the payment will be 60€ first 12 months, 143.10€ next 6 months and the last six months 200.30€ to then pay the minimum fee of 286.15€.


Is it necessary to register and pay the self-employment to be able to register?

Yeah, just in case your billing is unusual, I mean, you check in sporadically, and do not exceed the SMI (National minimum wage) you can avoid quotation in this scheme.

Do you process the discharge and the subsequent management?

Yes, and not only that, we also advise you how to doing it properly. Call us and we will inform you of our fees.


Can i continue to receive unemployment when i am self-employed?

Yes, 9 months fulfilling some basic requirements.


Can i capitalize on unemployment before starting the activity?

Yes, with the maximum investment limit you have to face to start your own business. You can request that the difference be paid monthly for the same amount you pay as self-employed.

Can i collect unemployment if i leave self-employment?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t take more than five years since you were discharged from this regime.

Which tax system is best for me?

To determine which is the best formula to pay the taxes derived from your activity the best thing is to arrange a visit with us and we will advise you on this matter.
However, in our Fiscal area you will find more information about it.