We carry out procedures related to Traffic and vehicles at the moment, including change name vehicle. Save yourself endless queues, go straight through our office and you will leave with a provisional so you can circulate for 1 month. In less than this time you will have the definitive one that you can pick up or we send it to you by registered mail.
Among other formalities related to Traffic, we carry out:

  • Transfer of ownership of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.). For users of our website, we offer you this offer, reducing our fees to 93€. Comment on this offer when you come to our office. The procedure is carried out at the moment, call us to make an appointment or pass directly within our business hours.
  • As a preventive measure by the COVID19, it is advisable to advance us by email or WhatsApp ID of the buyer and seller, as well as the correct addresses of both.
  • Registration of vehicles.
  • Data changes, both in driving licence and in traffic permits.
What will i need to change the name of a vehicle?

  • Owner’s and buyer’s ID, both in effect.
  • In case of the NIE without photograph we will also need a certificate of registration of the buyer.
  • In case the buyer’s address on the ID is not correct, we will also need registration certificate.
  • Driving licence and vehicle specification.
  • Important: The last circulation tax must be paid.
  • In case one of the parties is a company or an entrepreneur, we will need the ID of the administrator, sales invoice and CIF in case of being a company

In addition to fees, what other fees and taxes will i have to pay?